Teach Yourself Piano

Our easy piano lessons are broken down into a carefully sequenced program to teach you the piano in an easy, step-by-step manner. Not all chapters are available at this time. However, we will be adding chapters bi-weekly until we finish them all.

  1. Piano basics (layout of the keyboard, low/high, sharp/flat)
  2. Fingering basics
  3. Five-finger scales
  4. Major scales
  5. Key Signatures
  6. Circle of 5ths
  7. Creating chords
  8. Major & Minor triads
  9. Major 7th chords (coming soon)
  10. Minor 7th chords (coming soon)
  11. Dominant 7th chords (coming soon)
  12. Reading chord symbols (coming soon)
  13. Inversions of chords (coming soon)
  14. Chord tensions (coming soon)
  15. Jazz chords (coming soon)
  16. Basic sight-reading (coming soon)
  17. Playing lead sheets (coming soon)
  18. Basic left-hand accompaniment (coming soon)
  19. Basic blues progression (coming soon)
  20. Basic improvisation (coming soon)